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Free Backlinks – What do they really bring?

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The topic free backlinks is interesting for every webmaster, but you can give them a little power with them. Actually, I mainly use these sources to get new projects faster into Google’s index. Usually a few good commentary backlinks are enough for active blogs.

Of social bookmarks, I personally do not think much, most platforms are actually only for webmasters, hardly a real user will not publish his bookmarks or favorites in unknown portals, such as, for example. There are exceptions to portals that make sense, best example for me is Mister Wong. For projects I use SB so rather not, whereby the effort for a social bookmark so limited, if you still uses a clever submitter and this does not use for spamming, you can hereby also provide for a few free backlinks.

Backlinks of web catalogs do more, but I would not rate them as social bookmarks. Here, however, a certain amount of topic relevance should be maintained. Providers of web catalogs are still like sand to sea, even if they are decreasing in number. For me, only subject Web catalogs make sense here, these may also be listed by Google in the Serps and there are certainly still one or the other real users and not just webmasters. An example I would like to bring here 🙂 is a topic- relevant web catalog in which only websites with the topic horses are included.

Blog comments as a backlink source are my personal favorites. Unfortunately, the most spammed in this area, so that more and more webmasters of their blogs simply turn off the comment function. Understandable in my opinion, alone receives an average of 600 to 1000 spam comments every month. My spam filter is already taking away a lot, so the work here is limited. Only most do not use a decent wordpress plugin to combat spam and want to do this better “by hand”. At first, this may still work, but as soon as various tools have recorded a, to automatically distribute spam, you have lost. Unfortunately, many blog owners simply post the comment function and rest, instead of a reasonable plugin, such as AntiSpam Bee,

Let’s go to another source for free backlinks, forum links. These types of backlinks are the best sources for free. Why? Because they can also bring a lot of trust. Provided these are, as with all the sources presented here, sensible and not spam. However, it is also much more difficult to find something here. First, the forum operator must allow this, be it in the forum post directly or the signature, on the other hand, it is important for me to be able to fall back on a let’s say somewhat real-looking profile, so a profile of what involved in discussions and objectively and not at the first post the same time wants to accommodate his links.

The most suitable for this topic-relevant forums, where you bring in and involved, then usually no one has anything against a link in the signature or in a post.
So who has taken care now, will find that I have brought in each paragraph an example, as in this paragraph: I would like to call here. This was actually the actual reason for this article. I would like to introduce to you my new forum and ask for active participation. What should it thematically be in the forum? For links of any kind, link exchange, Edu links, social links, etc. everything that has to do with links is allowed. And sometimes a link to your projects in a forum post

No, actually, something else moved me to publish this article. I would be interested in how you see it with free backlink sources? Which make sense in your opinion and which do not. What sources do you use for what purpose?

Of course, there are some other sources for a free backlink, such as the article directories or the social area like facebook, youtube, google + etc. But that’s what my next article is about.

Incidentally, I have again received 2 free backlinks through this article. Also coming up with a kind of free backlinks is writing a guest article on my website.